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Trygons spearguns

The new series of spearguns is launched.

Model “Τrygons R2” has replaced “Τrygons dmfr” and  series “Τrygons RX” is the new entry.


Although, from a distance, the new series looks the same with the previous “dmf” and “dmfr” series, “R2” and “RX” are made from new molds and with improved technology.


The principle remains the same: Minimizing energy losses and not wasting a gram of possible power.

The innovations are:

1) High density carbon fiber composite is present inside the handle, enclosed track and head part. Also, the reel housing is now 4mm thick.

These 2 new features increase the guns' overall stiffness and make it very enduring to accidents.

2) The track is machined and checked for straightness by a dedicated heavy duty automated cnc slide. As a result, Trygons now offers 0,01milimeters track straightness accuracy! It seems exaggerated but in some cases we had 25% increase in power output just by that feature. Alsow, we now offer dedicated enclosed tracks for all diameters, from 6,3 milimeters up to 10 millimeters.


3) The barrel now has 40% more unidirectional carbon fibers. “RX” Series, has an even harder type of unidirectional carbon fibers, twice as hard. As a result, our new models can sustain more loading force than before, with negligible barrel bending. Every gun gets a stiffness measurement before shipment, as a quality test. For those who like “speargun tweaking”, series “RX”, now offers stability even up to 5X19mm at 3,2ratio loading ! But, be very careful, since the gun can take it, but human bone and joints can't take that level of backslash.

Our suggestion is that tests are done on a fixing base instead of manually.

4) New resins are used, able to stay stable to temperatures up to 90οC (194F). Same resins that are approved for aviation and wind energy blades construction.
Series “RX”, follows a 2 days in-mold, curing program. Finally, guns of this series remain for 4 hours at 100oC (212F) temperature. Thus, we can guarantee that it will never suffer under the sun.

5) In our new, bigger, testing tank we made a dedicated workbench facility for speargun development. Thus, we now can prove that we produce “ the most powerful and accurate spearguns ever”. Of course any challenge is accepted!


6) The trigger mechanism has drastically been improved. Now, it can function nicely with up to 400kgr load (8 bands equivalent!), without even getting a hard trigger. Secondly, a worm screw was added at the top of the deck. This screw is to trim the mechanism onto any new spear used. Now, you can get the full benefit of the super straight Trygons track*.
 *Without that ability the spear tends to lift from the track when loaded. As a result, directly after shooting, the spear does a radical vertical hit to the track. This hit was affecting accuracy and power.

7) All drills and cuts for the mechanism, reel and front end are now done by automated cnc machine. Because of our new high accuracy track, we needed the same tolerance for the rest of the gun. But this is no more possible by hand tools, so a big automated cnc setup was utilized.

8) The barrel is now filled partially with heavy-duty submarine foam. Now, in combination with the rounded barrel, the gun remains unaffected from pressure. It was noticed that many carbon fiber guns, especially flattened types, would bend in high depths.

9) For achieving more even force distribution, the barrel is made without seems. It is made from one-piece fabric, reverse layer from the outside to the inside! The whole process is one of Trygons manufacturing secrets.

10) There are 2 types of shapes available:
a) The normal barrel, has a lower volume and is most appropriate for thinner shafts up to 6.75mm. It turns faster and has a more silent shot.
b) The “HB” (heavy barrel) type that has a maximized volume, so as to stiffen the barrel and take the backslash. This type is intended for heavy shafts >7mm and lots of bands. Its purpose is maximum penetration power! 

11) Water ballast is now standard in all models! On one side, you have a lighter gun to travel around. On the other side, the gun has a water chamber that fills up and makes the gun neutral buoyant. The mass of this water is added to the mass of the gun, absorbing backslash, thus increasing power. Have a look at what our "little 90" can do and get an idea of whats possible withTrygons at


Standard features:

1) Automatic release, integrated & non stuck reel.
2) Centered rubbers, for uniform force distribution.
3) Cad/FEA** analyzed hydrodynamic shape, for easy swimming and deep spearfishing. There are divers that freedive down to 50+ meters with 120+ length Trygons spearguns! And not only Herbert. Also, very important, the front half part of all models is also designed so as to minimize drag in both horizontal (rock hunting) and vertical axes (open or blue water hunting).

**A dedicated software predicts drag of the gun and makes alterations for improvement. At the same time, it takes into account turn drag but also pressure results to the barrel! The entire process takes a number of days to get a result.
4) Front end weights pockets for adjusting buoyancy to personal needs. Of course, all guns are balanced by Trygons.

Trygons gives 6years warranty for series R2 and lifetime warranty for RX. Also, both series (as also previous dmf and dmfR series) , can have their enclosed tracks refiled and re-straightened. Meaning that even a 10 year old gun can be shooting 100% like the first day! 


Our products are available for order and purchase from our webshop.

R2 90 cm spear - 6,30mm or 6.75mm
R2 100 cm spear - 6,75mm or 7,2mm
R2 101HB 140cm spear - 7,2mm or 8,0mm 
R2 110 cm spear - 6,75 or 7,2mm
R2 111ΗΒ cm spear - 7,2  or 8,0mm
R2 120 cm spear - 6,75 or 7,2mm
R2 130HB cm spear - 8mm 

R2 140HB cm spear - 8mm 

RX 90 cm spear - 6.3 or 6.75mm
RX 100 cm spear - 6.75 or 7.2mm
RX 101HB cm spear - 7.2 or 8mm

RX 110HB cm spear - 6.75 or 7.2mm 

RX 111HB cm spear - 7.2 or 8mm 

RX 120 cm spear - 6.75 or 7.2mm 

RX 130HB cm spear - 8mm / Slip Tip 

RX 140HB cm spear - 8mm / Slip Tip