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Trygons introduces the first 3D underwater housing for the Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera! It is the only 3D action camera in the world in that quality/price/size level.



 trygons batcam 2 3d


In detail:
1) It is made out of "bulletproof" 10mm(0,4'') thick polycarbonate and acetal.
2) Rated and tested for continuous dives down to 80meters depth, and it can take a hit in the front by a hammer.
3) Full solid stainless steel controls.
4) Weight: housing 400 gr, camera 149 gr - overall dimensions: 133x77x38mm - buoyancy in seawater: 60 gr negative.
5) Available (extra) handle upon request
6) extra easy/self replaceable port (10mm thick) for 18€.  



7) Four, through the body, M4 bolts for tightening. In combination with the curved bed O-ring seat, this housing remains waterproof even after a lot of abuse!
8) Full 3D-HD video and photo. Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera can be found almost everywhere around the world, and most likely some upcoming models will also fit this housing.
9) Stainless steel mounts, bolts and needed tools, all included in basic package.
10) All camera controls (10 in total), are accessible underwater!


We at Trygons have designed and made equipment like submarines or hydrofoil propulsion systems. We have also managed to film lots of extreme events like world record dives, animal behavior, war zones and many more. Developing through the need, is what makes Trygons housings the best!


Housing stands for only 284 euro, plus about 250 for the camera + postage