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TRYGONS is an equipment design and production company. It is based in Greece and was founded by Alexander Sarasitis.


 Alexander is a German-Greek Engineer living most of the year in Athens. His expertise are in lots of different engineering aspects like digital and analog electronics, sensors, mechanical cad design, workshop machines,CAM cnc milling, computer programing, reinforced plastics, prototyping . On the same time his is an enthusiastic hobbyist and sportsman in lots of areas mainly involving the sea: Windsurfing, freediving,spearfishing, sailing, offshore boating, wakeboarding, snowboard, game fishing, filming and cooking….

He started his own company at the age of 26 as an inventor and technology supplier. Soon, he realized that his ideas were way to future looking for his customers to realize and trust. Also, income was way too small to support his needs in experimenting with new technologies. Thus , 6 years later, he founded TRYGONS, a company that was meant to produce and sell some of his designs, in order to support further projects. The impact was massive. It started with a small fishing weight and a few years later, Trygons was involved in the construction of world class racing boats, documentaries and global diving products supplying!  Innovative manufacturing techniques, not only improved quality but reduced manufacturing costs. Most of TRYGONS products are usually out of competitors due to their multiple innovations in design and manufacturing methods.

As a result , Trygons makes almost everything "in-house", and owns a great deal of machines:

3 cnc milling machines (0,4m, 1m and 15m), 4 curing furnaces- up to 15 meters long and 120-500 dec celsius, 2 autoclave chambers,  various other pressure champers, resin mixing and injection machines, multiple laboratory equipment, testing pools and the Aegean sea only 3km away!  TRYGONS is based in a 4000m2 new building very close to the main airport.

robot fabrics cuting2

Trygons CNC fabrics cutting robot. The cutting tool and the CAM software where developed by TRYGONS and robotics company "RAS Skordos".


Finally, TRYGONS has been involved in many filming projects mainly documentary. Either because of its specialized underwater filming equipment, or its freediving knowhow you can even see Alex himself in the background of a tv documentary!