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Aegean EcoRun Project

12 Sept 2013 , our "EcoRun Aegean project" was held , with destination Santorini, with our new specialized vessel. entirely made of carbon fiber. The purpose of the project was to certify the vessel's ability to travel with extremely low fuel consumption and minimal pollutants.

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Tutorial videos

Trygons published a series of tutorial videos.

Now you can see how to customize your speargun handle, change fins footpockets, setup your fluidgoggles and more!

These videos is the start of a 8 scheduled video series, to be ready before next summer... enjoy!

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Next generation counterbalast system design

When it comes to safety, we at Trygons do not cut back at all. Three years ago, we designed, made and used a totally new concept in free-diving safety technology. Back then, we promised, and accomplished to organize a 214meter free-dive safer than a normal constants dive! A sonar, 2 powerful electric motors, 3 alternative lifting procedures, plus extreme sled speed, where all invented by Trygons for that purpose. At a breathless 4'20'', back then, everybody realized that our favorite sport can be pushed a lot deeper!

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Skandalopetra filming

 Last year, Trygons organized a new "skandalopetra" freediving world record.

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