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Next generation counterbalast system design

When it comes to safety, we at Trygons do not cut back at all. Three years ago, we designed, made and used a totally new concept in free-diving safety technology. Back then, we promised, and accomplished to organize a 214meter free-dive safer than a normal constants dive! A sonar, 2 powerful electric motors, 3 alternative lifting procedures, plus extreme sled speed, where all invented by Trygons for that purpose. At a breathless 4'20'', back then, everybody realized that our favorite sport can be pushed a lot deeper!



 All the data and practical knowledge from that dive, gave us ideas how to become even better and safer. Sadly, the cost of such a construction kept us away from making it... until now!
With the support of AIDA GREECE, we agreed to construct our latest designed counterbalast system  (if they get to organize the 2011 world free-diving championship) which features a number of additional characteristics:
1) the rope is now reeled in, instead of using a counterweight. The counterweight was our main concern in previous standard counterbalast systems. If it gets tangled with the main rope, it cancels all ways of lifting the diver up, while tangling the diver at the same time.
2) the huge reel has a slip-brake system so that in case of emergency the diver can be "picked-up" full throttle on the way up. The moment of the pickup the hit is lowered as the reel can slip smoothly.
3) a new sonar model and installation method that we have already tested, guarantees that we will keep the diver in sight at all times. Older sonars used to have blank periods where the diver was nowhere to be seen.
4) a dedicated rig for the system will also block out unexpected parameters. Also, a big permanent deck will provide shadow for the organization staff (judges, safety divers, camera men, etc) keeping them in better conditions and in a not only more human, but also - consequently - safer environment for all!
5) The diver will be diving from a protected square. That square will function to cut off possible waves. Now, there will a better surface relaxation before the dive, and easier surface protocol. There is no bigger annoyance than getting the red card due to a little wave covering the mouth!
6) manual handles as an alternative to the motors. Because the reel is right on top of the bottom weight, there are no friction losses from pulleys. From our skandalopetra experience and some more tests, we now know that this is the easiest way to pull up a diver by hand.


7) Two separate 6hp electric motors, with totally separated and dedicated electric circuits for each one of them. This will remain our standard! Each motor has proven to easily lift 214 meters without a sweat!
The agreement with AIDA GREECE, is that the whole system will remain at Trygons premises afterwards (funded 50/50). From Trygons, it will be available for borrowing to any free-diving organization around the globe. No charge, only transport and insurance costs. We strongly insist, that safety equipment of that level, should not be a profit product.
Also, in order to get the best coverage possible, there will be plenty of Trygons housings around and... a new 30gram/200m  Trygons underwater video "spy" camera! We want to place one on each free-diver participating in the championship. Getting more and different angle footage from our sport is very difficult but essential for its growth. Believe it or not, TV channels,  are already expressing keen interest, as Trygons has a big reputation for extreme footage...
All of that, and some more preceding competitions (skandalopetra, spearguns targeting, UW video...) in Santorini/Greece Sept/2011. So, keep your fingers crossed, since voting for the next free-divining world championship is coming up soon.