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Trygons is a sports equipment design and production company. It is based in Greece and was founded by Alexander Sarasitis.

Alexander is a German-Greek Engineer living most of the year in Athens. 

His main objective is : "To make only innovative equipment that depends primarily on the top athletes' needs, secondary by the engineering abilities and then by the cost".

In the same attitude, Trygons will never make a construction that already exists or is too easy!

Trygons also makes almost everything "in-house", and owns a great deal of machines:

3 cnc milling machines (0,4m, 1m and 12m), 4 curing furnaces, various pressure champers, resin mixing and injection machines, multiple laboratory equipment, testing pools and the Aegean sea only 3km away!  

So for every new product or project, a big international group of experts is brought together, and everybody gives his expertise.


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