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Aegean EcoRun Project

12 Sept 2013 , our "EcoRun Aegean project" was held , with destination Santorini, with our new specialized vessel. entirely made of carbon fiber. The purpose of the project was to certify the vessel's ability to travel with extremely low fuel consumption and minimal pollutants.



Specifically, the vessel, which is six meters long, weighs only 145 kgr and is driven by a 30 horsepower motor, departed on Thursday at dawn from cape Sounion, accompanied by two boats with journalists.

Throughout the journey, four drivers took turns on the boat, two of the TRYGONS group and two from the group of journalists, who had the opportunity to thoroughly examine it at its departure.

It traversed about 105 miles with speed ranging from 18 to 22 knots and it consumed just 24 liters of fuel.


Youtube video : Aegean EcoRun Project