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TRYGONS shafts are made of heat-treated, high chromium concentrated stainless steel alloy, for maximum hardness (52 RCW) and elasticity. Hardness serves to minimize initial oscillation, while elasticity prevents the shaft from bending.





TRYGONS shafts have been tested for their performance and resistibility.

Extensive crash tests proved that a double-barbed 6.0mm and a 6.3 mm shaft can withstand 405 kg, a 6.75 mm 460 kg, a 7.2 mm 505 kg, while an 8 mm 520 kg.



SHAFT: 7.2 mm
LOAD: 272 kg*
MAX LOAD: 505 Kg

*The shaft featured in the photograph was chosen randomly, and doesn’t hold any special characteristics. During the above photo shoot it remained intact without undergoing any damage or deformity.



Hydrodynamic barbs come in 4 different types, perfectly adhering to each shaft diameter for maximum penetrating power and shooting accuracy.

They have been subjected to peripheral smoothing and -a TRYGONS innovation- the barbs lock and secure at the open position in order to avoid fish loss.

All 4 types are alsoavailable as spare parts.







The barb rivet is made of stainless spring steel and all shafts have a tetra-cut tip for maximum penetration.

The positioning of the notches- welded further back on the shaft - results in more powerful charging while preventing the shaft from weakening when it bends to its limits.

Smaller diameter shafts (6, 6.3, and 6.75) are equipped with notches small enough to fit into conventional spearguns.