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Trygons experts setup help

If you wish you can ask our opinion about what gun suits you better. In order for Trygons experts to be able to recommend you a speargun model and setup, we need these information from you:
1)One picture of you with a typical good days catch . (this is to estimate your body volume&size- especially arm. This has an impact in setups. Also, we get an idea of the rest of your technique/equipment/environment )
2)usual&max depth of fishing , current (high/medium/low), visibility
3)main technique, fish type/size/quantity that you intend to use your new gun for.
4)your favorite gun(s) until now: a)model/length
                                                          c)spear length and diameter
5)If 100points is the total improvements you can get: In what analogy would you like them in: noise-power-maneuverability (ex.: 60power-30maneuverability-10noise)
6) Any special requests/characteristics (example: wrist sensitivity/arm weakness, lots of sharks, traveling a lot with airplanes (luggage weight limit),professional spearfisher,   etc)
7)do you ,or do you intend in the future, own more Trygons spearguns? In case you want 2 or 3 guns for using them accordingly to every situation, then each one of them can be more specialized.


-Please mail the answers to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

R2 and RX setup rules and considerations

R2 and RX setup rules and considerations

Basic rules for Setups.

As heavier the user, the stronger setup he can handle. But strong recoil can hurt anybody , sometimes at a longer time frame.

A normal extension for a good quality latex band is 3.1 times its initial length (3,7 maximum). If its extended more than 3, its life is shorten and energy losses increased. It was measured that stretched good quality latex bands at 3,5 times their initial length, will loose 20% of power after remaining stretched for 30minutes! So, in order to get more power it is much wiser to increase in rubber quantity or diameter, instead of stretching ratio.

Typical rule of thump is that one 16mm rubber is appropriate for up to 6.3mm diameter shafts. Two rubbers are for 6.75mm shaft, three for 7.2 etc. And always with a 3 times band extension. Precision enclosed tracks is the only known way to "cheat" this rule.

When a gun is exceeding this rules its "overpowered". Overpowered setups can cause inaccuracy, painful recoil, and noise. Overpowered guns can also fail, and even become dangerous!

A 17mm rubber has about 30% more power than a 16mm (when extended at the same length). So, for example, Even when going for low power , we can chose to stretch a 17mm at 2.8 ratio, thus giving a very long lifetime.

When testing a setup, a target of a particular material at a specific distance should be used. The same person should shoot with the different setups so as the penetration and accuracy to be compared. A fixer base is even better. For example, we test the dmfr130hb with 7,2mm or 8mm shaft at a 10cm thick Styrofoam target. The target is placed exactly at  6meters from the tip of the spear. Penetrations of 0,5 to 1,5 meters are achieved. Measuring the power by just the recoil feel will probably lead to wrong conclusions.

A vibration of the shaft could normally happen at the first instant of the shot, where the acceleration is at its maximum. It has been measured that up to 50% of power can be lost by vibrations. If the track is exactly fitting the shaft than vibrations are eliminated. So, its essential to use the same diameter shaft to the same diameter track. Increased friction, if any, from the enclosed track , cause insignificant loses compared with the power saved from eliminating vibrations. 

The length of Trygons guns is designed so as to be able to use 2 different Trygons spear lengths. So, the 90gun can take the 120cm or 130cm spear, the 100gun 130 or 140, 110gun 140 or 150 etc. When the short spear is used we use the name "ontip" setup, because the barbs tip rests in the gun head.



model (r2 or rx) "ontip" spear length cm normal spear length cm standart recommented shaft diameter mm max shaft diameter recommented mm reel 1.5mm diam capacity meters reel 2mm diam capacity meters
90 120 130 6.00 6.75 145 55
100 130 140 6.00 7.20 145 55
110 140 150 6.00 7.20 145 55
120 150 160 6.30 7.20 145 55
130hb 160 170 8.00 8.00 200 70
140hb 170 180 8.00 8.00 200 70
101hb 130 140 8.00 8.00 145 55
111hb 140 150 8.00 8.00 200 70



model (r2 or rx) total gun length with normal spear ( minus 100mm for ontip) mm loading lenght 1st ruber mm 2 first bands cut lenght (3.1 ratio) cm 3rd&4th bands length (3.1 ratio) cm bands recomended quantity aprox dry travel gun weight, completed with max spear/gr +-5% aprox weight with filled water balast & reel, complete with max spear/gr +-5% with recommented setup aprox. total enclosed water weight/ gr - +-10%
90 1382 1065 69 64 1 2600 2800 200
100 1482 1165 75 70 2 2800 3000 200
110 1582 1265 81 76 2 3230 3430 200
120 1682 1365 88 83 2 3660 3860 200
130hb 1782 1465 94 89 3 4550 6320 1770
140hb 1882 1565 100 95 3 5070 7290 2220
101hb 1482 1165 75 70 3 3500 5230 1730
111hb 1582 1265 81 76 3 4030 5350 1320

Trygons guns basic recommended values table.

 Trygons spearguns have the longest loading length than any other speargun worldwide. It is usually around 15cm (6'') more than the same length in other brands. This results in 32% more power on a 90 gun, or 21%more power at the 130gun (power in elastics is relative to the square root of the extension length). But, if somebody uses also a 10cm shorter shaft , the difference is even bigger. But, keep in mind, for some people its harder to target with a short shaft. This extra power is magnified by vibration elimination of our precision enclosed tracks. Finally its increased again by the hydrodynamic spear barbs, and thinner monoline. Plus, some more design tricks, each of them adding small power percentages! It is very common to have double power with a proper Trygons setup gun, than with a same length gun "from the self".  

Some tips:

-We recommend to  use always black rubbers. That's because , without realizing ,if the rubbers are different color than the gun , we might aim with them! The only strait part in these guns is the spear, and that's the only part that should be eye-catching.

-A sharp spear tip can penetrate, especially bones, way more than a blunt one. Also trygons spear is "half" the gun. Some Trygons hunters say: "Better use a different gun than a different spear!"

-For customized paint-jobs, car body paints are best suited. Epoxy colors do bond 100% as the speargun body is made of epoxy as also most of polyurethane based varnishes. Very smooth sanding (800 grade) is needed before any color is applied. It is always recommended to use a special primer as your first layer.

-You can use thinner shafts in closetracks successfully. But , Trygons
canot guarantee precision, especially in "heavy"setups, for obvious reasons.
-You cannot use thicker (like 7.2 in a 6.75 ordered track), because our tracks are 0.05mm precise. The spear will not get in. Also, if while fishing, you notice that the spear enters the track more difficult than the spear has been bended. You have to straighten it or replace it. Sometimes the gun will still shoot strait as the track is holding the spear straight for the first second.

-The HB guns (101,111,130 and 140), can take the heaviest setups successfully, mainly dew to their increased volume. They can take easily 3 X 17mm at 3.1 ratio. - And 4X 17mm at 3.4ratio for the RX series!

As a result, the 101R2/3X17-3.1/8mm gun was test shooting stronger than many handmade (wooden and carbon) market guns of the 120-130 length range! Hens the title : " Best aguato gun made ever". About HB130 and HB140, there is nothing to compare them to!

The HB101/8mm principle : This gun is a 120/6.75 squeezed horizontally. It has the same gun volume and spear mass with the 120. But the 8mm spear is very robust and cant be damaged or vibrate that easy. As a result, it is more noisy than the 120/6.75 but has the same shooting range, penetration and 2ble maneuverability.

When choosing the length of a gun for fishing, visibility is the first consideration. A long 6 meter shooting range gun, is not only useless but also problematic in a low visibility situation. As you can see a fish only when it is already very close to you, the maneuverability of a long gun is against you.

A R2-90-6.75/2X17-3.0 ratio gun is about the power of a typical markets 110. While a R2-110 can easily be like a 130. So, when getting your first Trygons gun you must choose how you want to use its advantages:

a) keeping the same maneuverability with you old gun but lots more power? -next length gun from what you have.

b)keeping the same power levels, but with lots more maneuverability?- 1 or 2 lengths shorter than the gun you have.

c)having about the same gun but very silent ? - same or shorter length with 2.8 loading ratio. 

The new 90,110 and120 have an increased volume from our older dmf series. So, if you own an older Trygons model like dmf or dmfr or even a dmfr’05 note that these models can soot with the same recoil a thicker shaft.

Some more tips:

-If you have a bended spear on a gun longer than 110 then almost certain, the gun will not shot strait any more. On the contrast a 90 will shot strait even with a "banana"... The enclosed track will give you warning that your spear isn't strait anymore, so you avoid loosing your next fish.

-Not certain why, but it has been proven  that all spearguns loose some of their power at deep water (>25meters). It goes up to 30% levels at 40meters.

-Thick and old monolines on the spear, can cost you easily 30% shooting range! Trygons uses and suggests good quality 1.4mm monoline with the best possible alu crimps and crimper. We achieved 95kgr brake test load with that.- proven enough to fight a 60kgr Tuna on 2 baywatch floats.

-“Effective range" is a tricky number used a lot in spearguns marketing.. We , at Trygons, use the word range where it will get through almost any fish (like a big gruppers head or a 70kgr bluefin). We also guarantee that we have the longest effective range of any other similar maneuverability rubber-bands speargun- in every length of course (90 to 140)!

For example a 120/7.2/2X16 has the smallest height drop than any other competitors gun when shooting in pool competitions at 6meter from the tip of the spear (+20cm penetration). In other words it is possible to get a dentex at 7meters with any 120+ or 101 Trygons gun , but we don't call that effective range. More likely 5 meters. Also, range is affected a lot by how stiff and heavy is your hand grip.
-About the word "shooting noise":  Fish recognize that sound, and have it combined with a spearfisher in their area.
Even worse, some fish react with that sound like movie ninzas, avoiding a bullet :Very often, you can shoot an alerted dentex at 6 meter (from tip) better with a soft 6.75/120 than a powerful 130/8. The 8mm will be faster at that range- but still more than a sec traveltime. The rubbers shockwave sound will proceed, and alert the fish before the hit.  We have seen in videos how some fish do a "roll" and avoid a spear. On the other hand, the slow and easy acceleration of a 6,75 spear with 2 rubbers will produce a very small shockwave. By this way, sometimes, even the fish that got hit, did not realize it for some seconds!

The longer the loading length and the smaller the stretching ratio, the smaller the noise levels.
So: A 101HB/3X17/8 will the same power as a 120/2X17/6.75 but more noise.

-Still, Trygons spearguns, have a clever "hydraulic suspension system" into their trigger mechanism. So, there is insignificant noise from there.  We take into consideration only noise produced by the bands. And, consider that:  Noise from the bands is produced after the spear has left the gun, while trigger noise before.

So, some setup examples/ recommendations:

a) slow not curious big amberjacks or tunas, high visibility or very deep fishing for anything: HB130 or HB140 /8mm/3 or 4X17mm /3.1 ratio

b) Grupper or fast moving dentex, deep waters, current, medium visibility: HB101/8/3X17/3.1 ratio

c) pure dentex hunting, want to get more fish from the same area, very good visibility: 120 or 110/6,75/2X17/2.9 ratio 

d) lots of very curious and nervous Dentex or amberjacks, or  very shallow waiting for anything: 90 or 100/6.3/1X17/2.8 ratio

old models dmf/dmfr differences







                                    DMF - DMFR comparison

The differences between the two TRYGONS speargun models DMFR / DMF are
based on the construction method :

 1) On DMFR series there are two empty and watertight compartments inside
barrel. In contrast , DMF  is filed with polyurethane foam.

 2) Both models are 100% of the same epoxy-carbon materials, with the
 difference that on DMF series the resins are colored black.

 3) Trigger mechanism, shaft, bands and reel are exactly the same on both

4) The DMFR models have weights inside the barrel , in contrast to DMF
that are weighted outside the barrel.

5) The result of these differences is that the dmfr models have more mass
at the front, resulting in higher accuracy when shooting. Mainly in
overpowered setups.
Of course , both models have neutral buoyancy at the front end.

6) Model dmfr130hb has 4 balancing waterbalasts inside the barrel. Only in
this model, the weights are replaced by water, saving about 7 pounds/3,5kgr when