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The marine industry has the most widespread use of composites worldwide. Materials such as gel coat, glass-fiber as well as carbon-fiber are significantly used for the construction of the hulls of vessels of various types and sizes in recreational boat industry, as well as for racing powerboats and sailboats and in ship construction.

TRYGONS has a passion for speedboat manufacturing, bur the most impressive achievement in the sector would be the construction of 14m carbon-fiber hull for our customer. In addition to that, we manufacture glass-fiber hulls for various models for others and market our own series of EcoRunner. With our experience in the field and the sea only a few minutes from our premises, we are an ideal partner for any boat maker.

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Automobiles have been using composites from the early start of both industries. Today the automotive is still a primary market for such materials. A need for fuel efficiency and a desire for lighter weights and higher speeds have all led to an increasing use of composites and a trend shift from the construction of exclusively luxury sport cars and vehicles toward mid-range automobile designs. Carbon-fiber constructions in particular have been seen in Formula 1 racing to recreational cycling. TRYGONS is well positioned and qualified to mass produce glass or carbon-fiber automotive structures and parts of various sizes.

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There is no doubt that this an increasingly promising industry for composites globally. In fact, wind blades, solar panel frames and other related structures are expected to absorb the majority of composite materials in the coming decade. Composites offer wind energy constructions the desirable durability and light weight. TRYGONS holds all necessary equipment and capabilities to manufacture wind blades and other wind energy accessories.

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TRYGONS unique design and know-how capabilities have been used in the medical sector often in the last years. Trygons has designed several medical equipment, ranging from orthopaedics up to neurosurgical equipment. The R&D development we offer is in the complete research on design, usage, versions, patenting and mass production of a new product.


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