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TRYGONS is an equipment design and production company. It is based in Greece and was founded by Alexander Sarasitis.


 Alexander is a German-Greek Engineer living most of the year in Athens. His expertise are in lots of different engineering aspects like digital and analog electronics, sensors, mechanical cad design, workshop machines,CAM cnc milling, computer programing, reinforced plastics, prototyping . On the same time his is an enthusiastic hobbyist and sportsman in lots of areas mainly involving the sea: Windsurfing, freediving,spearfishing, sailing, offshore boating, wakeboarding, snowboard, game fishing, filming and cooking….

He started his own company at the age of 26 as an inventor and technology supplier. Soon, he realized that his ideas were way to future looking for his customers to realize and trust. Also, income was way too small to support his needs in experimenting with new technologies. Thus , 6 years later, he founded TRYGONS, a company that was meant to produce and sell some of his designs, in order to support further projects. The impact was massive. It started with a small fishing weight and a few years later, Trygons was involved in the construction of world class racing boats, documentaries and global diving products supplying!  Innovative manufacturing techniques, not only improved quality but reduced manufacturing costs. Most of TRYGONS products are usually out of competitors due to their multiple innovations in design and manufacturing methods.

As a result , Trygons makes almost everything "in-house", and owns a great deal of machines:

3 cnc milling machines (0,4m, 1m and 15m), 4 curing furnaces- up to 15 meters long and 120-500 dec celsius, 2 autoclave chambers,  various other pressure champers, resin mixing and injection machines, multiple laboratory equipment, testing pools and the Aegean sea only 3km away!  TRYGONS is based in a 4000m2 new building very close to the main airport.

robot fabrics cuting2

Trygons CNC fabrics cutting robot. The cutting tool and the CAM software where developed by TRYGONS and robotics company "RAS Skordos".


Finally, TRYGONS has been involved in many filming projects mainly documentary. Either because of its specialized underwater filming equipment, or its freediving knowhow you can even see Alex himself in the background of a tv documentary!


TRYGONS manufacturing partnerships

TRYGONS one-stop product


-All steps: from your idea to development, production and promotion!

-All sizes: from a pair of sunglasses, up to a yacht!


100% carbon fiber sunglasses


In 2006, was registered and started selling carbon blades for fins out of a rented 60m2 basement. 9 years later, inside 3500m2 own premises,  TRYGONS is making equipment, ranging from fins to boats, that can be found all across the world!

omega41 carbon 1st run

1st run of the "omega41" full carbon version. Plastics made for company Technohull.


The technological challenges of making professional level freediving equipment have proven very high. Extreme pressure changes and water flow, plus hard usage of underwater equipment was a very difficult opponent- some cases took many years to find a solution!

gun with video

Gopro video mount for the Trgons R2 speargun.


As a result, all this acquired know-how, could find usage in totally different products too. So, for the past 4 years, TRYGONS has opened its doors for manufacturing corporations to other companies. Some of our manufacturing methods used, are unique in the world:


Some examples:

- There is a spring piece of carbon fibre fin integrated inside a TRYGONS orthopedic product, giving lightweight suspension to people recovering from a head stroke.  In fact, we use the same machine used for stress testing our fins, to test the orthopedic parts!


Orthopedic design& manufacture by Trygons for company " Stepon".


- There is a TRYGONS speargun “soul” inside our offshore boat hulls! If we hadn’t wasted over 500 (!) speargun bodies (and 5 years) in monocoque infusion trials, we would never dare to go for a single shot 500 kilograms of carbon fibres to make a boat!

14m carbon fiber omega41 hulldeck

14 meter carbon fiber hull deck 1T compete weight - omega41 full carbon- Technohull.


- Making a stable, 0.01mm accuracy, 2-meter speargun mold, gives many hints on how to do a real 1mm accuracy 15meter long, stepped boat hull mold…


All TRYGONS projects until now, resulted in success. Some are not out yet, as it can take up to 3 years to be ready for production. But, success is addictive, so we are always looking for the next challenge….

herbert 214 portarait

Deepest ever freedive by Herberst Nitsch 2007- Equiqment designed and manufactured by TRYGONS



TRYGONS qualifications & advantages:


1) CNC models & molds/production of parts up to 15 meters long

TRYGONS has in-house software, tools and experience for making CNC models up to 15 meters long at a very high accuracy. Subsequently, this easily leads to molds and production at a very competitive cost. For more challenging projects, carbon-fiber molds are manufactured.

 large scale cnc miling to print

 CNC milling of a 6m model at TRYGONS factory.


Our know-how includes complex monocoque parts, with integrated rib reinforcements, all in one resin infusion shot!

Additionally, a modified and upgraded 2-meter long autoclave is also available.


Production at TRYGONS autoclave.


As a result, TRYGONS can manufacture parts, like no one else!


2) resin infusion, epoxy or polyester, carbon or glass fibers

TRYGONS specializes in resin infusion under very highly controlled procedures: temperature, lay-up, mixing, humidity and timing are monitored intensively. Experience from life-depending, as well as very expensive parts, has led us to invest in appropriate equipment and machinery. Having already made this investment, usage of these machines for all our projects does not add up to our cost significantly.

 infusion ecorunner hull

Resin infusion of a boat hull. All in one shot, including all stringer and ribs. 


TRYGONS is mass-producing carbon fiber epoxy products that are exported globally.


3) product design & development

Breaking world records in very different product areas testifies TRYGONS ability to conceptualise and capitalise on technology and design in unique ways. It is no coincidence that TRYGONS has broken records in versatile product categories such as "the largest hand-luggage filming studio" or "the only 100% carbon-fiber sunglasses ever made" and more. For the last few years, an average of 3 innovative products are introduced every year.

 carbon filming studio

 1400 grams for 4 carbon fiber shelves for company " motion FX"


TRYGONS: your product’s high end version!


4) promotion with the TRYGONS logo (conditionally)

Although TRYGONS has only a 10-year history, it is already well-known and respected in various fields. No other brand in the world has been ever been involved in such extreme record crashing!

 herbert world champion



No-limits freediving record (Spetses island/June 2007):the deepest ever single breath dive at 214 meters, 30 meters deeper than the previous record and longest ever lasting record in freediving. TRYGONS designed and manufactured the diving sled, as well as all safety equipment and procedures for the dive.


EcoRunner efficiency record (Aegean Sea/September 2013): designing and constructing a boat running from Cape Sounio to Santorini island, with a standard outboard engine, with only 0.23 liters per mile. Previous ever registered record was more that twice the consumption!

ecoruner 590.j1.peg 

7:00 am at the " aegean ecorun project"


14-meter full carbon-fiber rib hull (Keratea, 2015): the first ever luxury rib to have a 600 offshore nautical miles range and a 80-knot top speed and with only 2 standard in-board diesel engines, at 1,6lt/mile consumption!


In addition, TRYGONS achievements have been backed up also by superior filming knowledge, increasing the advertising effect of these record projects.

 human powered submarine

 Underwater filming of the "human powered submarine". For Loyd Godson and the university of Torondo.


Your product can benefit by a TRYGONS partnership, the addition of the company's prestigious logo and the use of all that promotion material.


TRYGONS simple, but clear terms for partnerships are, in short, the following:


Advertisment filming at Bahamas 2011.


a) Has to honestly break some kind of record and be the best of its kind.

b) Be made of the highest quality proposed (materials & procedures).

c) Non offensive military, or environmentally unfriendly.

d) Achieve a mutually agreed, yearly sales quantity.


Subsequently, in such a partnership case, TRYGONS gives written agreement not to collaborate in any way with our customers' competition. After all, in such a case, rule "a" would be a big problem: There can be only one winner!


TRYGONS family is already big and getting bigger every year: boats, fins, eyewear, orthopedics, robotics and more.


trygons factory inside

Inside Trygons factory- ecorunner production.

3d camera

Small 3d underwater housing.


5printmilling aeragogoi



15meter mold inside trygons to print

High acuracy 15meter long "direct cnc mold" 


carbon layup to printcnc alu moldmilling

CNC milling of 7040 aluminium mold for carbon fiber press molding.


fins productionfishing reel handle

Carbon fiber aftermarket handle made for company "BIGGAME"


glass layupinfrared monitoring

Thermal monitoring of resin infusion process inside the oven.


omega41 carbon fiber deckomega41 carbon fiber hull