TRYGONS S.A. is a "spin off" of metal products’ manufacturer Victoria S.A. and was established in 2005 by German-Greek Engineer and inventor, Alexander Sarasitis. The young entrepreneur, who initially operated in a 60m² rented basement and motivated by his drive to manufacture the best possible diving fins, started experimenting on composites and carbon-fiber processing. His technical background and experience, as well as his love for outdoor sports and the sea made it possible for him to soon create and market a number of free-diving and spearfishing products, such as different types of fins and monofins, spearguns, nose-clips and under-water video housing equipment.

Since then, TRYGONS has successfully undertaken numerous projects and has acquired significant technical know-how. Two of the company’s most important breakthroughs have been the ‘Aegean EcoRunner’ fuel efficiency record in September 2013 and the ‘No-limits’ Freediving World Record in June 2007. Today the company has evolved into a manufacturing partner for large scale products. We are positioned, especially following our recent advancement in "hollow single-shot (monocoque) infusion technique", to construct large and complex parts with enhanced dimensional accuracy, stability, stiffness and lowered weight. Glass or carbon-fiber structures are both produced at half the time and at a much lower cost.