Carbon-fiber single-shot infusion & rib reinforcements’ integration

wr4TRYGONS’ boat manufacturing history was importantly marked by the manufacture of a 14m full carbon-fiber rib with a carbon -fiber single-shot infusion, that included the rib reinforcements’ integration. The outcome was a 1TN complete plastics’ boat, 40% lighter than its polyester resin-infused version and 30% lighter than the hand lay-up version.

Carbon-fiber single piece press molding

wr5As a carbon-fiber expert and utilizing our cross-sector know-how, TRYGONS set out to manufacture the first full carbon, rather than carbon-look, single piece sunglasses. The method used was press moulding and even the hinges were integrated into one body.
The outcome was an accessory that is light and durable, as well as stylish and with the luxurious look associated with carbon-fiber.

Carbon-fiber closed mould infusion

wr6TRYGONS manufactured, through closed mould infusion, a 100% carbon fiber hand-luggage filming studio for a customer specialized in digital video-shooting. The use of carbon-fiber and the manufacturing process followed allowed for the reduction of the product’s total weight. The gain from the weight reduction meant a stronger and heavier filming studio computer could be used. The result was the largest in capacity hand-luggage filming studio (including 4 carbon-fiber shelves) weighing merely 1400gr.